Hunter’s Improved Memory

Hunter is a kind-hearted, great kid. He was developmentally ahead in motor skills but was delayed in speech. He was diagnosed with verbal apraxia and was working with a speech therapist until 2nd grade. He was also more of a hyperactive child and we eventually put him on ADHD medication. During 4th grade we had a lot of struggles remembering math facts, memory, and his grades started to fall. Hunter was also having a lot of side effects from the medication. In the fall of 5th grade we met Dr. Frahm with Maximized Living; he was helping us with taking Hunter off of the medication. After about six months we saw improvements in Hunter but his grades were still struggling and he was forgetting many things. Dr. Frahm referred us to LearingRx. He saw that Hunter was a bright kid and he thought that LearningRx could help.

In February of 2015, we met with Kevin and learned about what LearningRx had to offer. Hunter had a lot of strengths that were found in his testing but short and long term memory were a definite weakness. After finding this out a light bulb clicked and we were able to look back on so many long hours of homework and crying because we were re-teaching the same concepts every night. We were all so frustrated and it was taking a toll on the family. His school even wanted us to consider retaining him because his grades were so bad.

When LearningRx came into the picture there were some immediate positives. Hunter worked with John and they seemed to hit it off from the beginning. There were some days that Hunter struggled to work, but John was able to work with that and was still able to bring a positive spin on their session. Hunter was gaining more self-confidence and was in a happier mood toward the end of the school year. Kevin stated that we would not necessarily see the LearningRx progress until the end of the program. At the start of 6th grade Hunter was bringing home better grades and was not forgetting homework. He has not had to re-take tests and earned a B+ on his first science test. He was also working hard on being able to have a 3.0 GPA to be invited to the Junior National Honor Society at the end of the 1st quarter. Hunter achieved that goal and this was a huge step in the right direction for him. We are so happy with LearningRx and the doors that will be opened to him because of his hard work!

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