Help in School

Before we heard about LearningRx, we had tried many other programs. Anna was struggling a little off and on in several subjects at school. We noticed this in first grade and moved her to private school where she could receive extra help. There was always a little something off throughout the years. She struggled to retain information from one day to the next. When we heard about LearningRx we knew we had to try it.

Anna was in 8th grade and high school was just around the corner, we had to give it a shot. It was our last resort since we had spent many hours and money on other programs including private tutoring. The LearningRx program was intense and required a lot of hard work and dedication but did it pay off! Anna’s skills improved in every class and her math concepts improved tremendously! She feels so much better about herself and made the honor roll last grading period! She was a little sad about the honor roll because she made all B’s and one A, she wanted more A’s. She has set her standards higher as a result of LearningRx. Thanks LearningRx!

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