Our son still loves coming here every day! Charlottesville, VA LearningRx Review

We reached out to LearningRx when our son was about to enter the fifth grade. There had been many struggles through traditional public school with reading and keeping up with math facts and focus in general. Bad habits had been formed since kindergarten of just being overlooked and in general feeling overwhelmed. I guess you could say it wasn’t necessarily bad habits, because when we went to LearningRx they helped us understand that it was a processing skill that was needing to be relearned. We have been with LearningRx for several months now and have seen a lot of change in our son with confidence to face new things. Confidence to face people and start conversations and ask questions of new people that he’s just met. He’s very curious and loving life. We have seen a lot less frustration in him which has been the best part so far. He is eager to learn. His trainer, Michelle, is so patient and kind while holding him to high levels of learning and focus and positivity. We really love Michelle! Dargan, the owner, has explained to us that there are no safe spaces where our son is working as far as easy goes. Everything he is doing right now is a very big mental challenge for him. But guess what? Our son still loves coming here every day! Never complains. Never says he doesn’t want to today. Which is what he would say when things are too hard for him. He is loving the challenge he is loving the experience! Thank you LearningRx for all you are doing!

Lindsey K.

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