“He gets his homework done faster and now is participating in class”

My son completed his training program at LearningRx in June 2016. I wanted to wait until my son was in school for a while and see what his grades were like before I shared my story. Well, we just had our first parent/teacher conference.

The transformation in Eric is amazing! He is now taking tests on his own with no accommodations. Before LearningRx, he had to have the teachers orally give him tests. He is now answering all questions asked in class. Before LearningRx, he would not answer questions in class. He is now writing paragraphs in his journal, and they make sense. Before LearningRx, writing in his journal was like pulling teeth and his writing was a bit “off the wall.” He now enjoys playing tag at recess with a group of kids. Before LearningRx, recess was stressful and he often sat down alone to eat a snack.

I just can’t say enough. He is now getting A’s and B’s in all subjects, but one. He has fewer fits over little things and is not afraid to try new things. He gets his homework done faster and now is participating in class. He even is teaching the kids next to him how to sit still and pay attention.

LearningRx has certainly changed our son and helped him to be more confident. We recommend this program to just about everyone. I cannot thank LearningRx enough

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