Excellent life-changing program! San Antonio NE, TX LearningRx Review

My son has an absolutely amazing experience at this LearningRx location. Through the testing we discover that he was a very slow processor (like 5th grade level) information was not being transferred well from short term memory to long term memory, however, he was extremely high is the reasoning category (like 30 year old adult level). We decided to invest in LearningRx to raise his processing ability. We are a homeschooling family and he was beginning a demanding college prep homeschooling schedule in the fall. We were concerned he would not be able to keep up. He could not stay focused when he was reading literature books, would need to take frequent breaks to refocus. During his math lesson, it would often take 3-4 times through the lesson before he could remember all the parts of the lesson. He would focus and remember one part of the lesson one day and another part the next day. He started Aug 2020 with his trainer Paige. The program is a lot of work, and in the beginning, it was mentally tiring. He had a good attitude about being there because he knew it was helping him. When he finished, he was a completely different student. He took responsibility for his school work, was able to read for over an hour and remember what he read. He could focus and work steadily a day on his studies. He went from a B student to all A’s and he rarely need my help. His testing showed an IQ increase of 25+ points. My son is so confident in all areas of life now. He did so well in classes, he was recommended for Honors Chemistry, which is much more math heavy course. He even got an A in his honors English class. And most important to us that he thanks us regularly for investing in the program. It really changed our son in amazing ways we did not expect. As a side note, our son finished in March, and he is taking a summer geometry course, and hasn’t asked for my help once! We were concerned he would “lose” what he learned over time, but that has absolutely not been the case! As a company, the employees are very caring, friendly, and really want the parents to be informed of their student progress. I had multiple meetings asking what I was seeing at home in my son and what I wanted them to work on. Excellent life-changing program!

Ellen F.

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