Every week we saw positive changes. LearningRx Shoreview, MN Review

Best money we invested in our kids academics! I was hesitant about spending the money and wondering what the results would be – especially with 2 children, So, I was skeptical. We took the plunge knowing that we could back out if we didn’t feel we were seeing results. Once we started, we never looked back. I can honestly say this was some of the best money we have have invested in our children. Within a few weeks we could see improvements and the kids looked forward to meeting with their trainers – Anna and Kevin. They are the best! They knew all the tricks to keep my kids focused and yet make the time fun. The Staff At the Shoreview RX, the trainers and Libby became almost like family for a period of time. They were helpful and accommodating to our busy sports/dance schedule. The positive vibe at the center and staff who would make sessions fun helped to make sessions enjoyable for the kids and parents. The results – My kids are positive about school and learning, can overcome potential hurdles, recall and greater understanding of facts/information as well as focus in the classroom was tremendously improved and many teachers commented on it. We felt ready for college prep in high school and really attribute it to Learning RX. Every week we saw positive changes and the kids did too. Better scores in school and more positive feedback from teachers encouraged them to stay with it and put the effort it. My kids have referenced RX a dozen times in the last 2 months. So grateful to have this opportunity available locally. I can’t say enough about the program, the staff and the results. Don’t hesitate to make the investment. We would do it again in a heartbeat.

Lori K.

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