Not only have we seen improvements in her academically, but also in day to day activities. Eden Prairie, MN LearningRx Review

Kate did some ‘brain training’ last year May – November and the results have been unreal! Kate had always struggled with reading up until this last year. When she was in 2nd grade, her teacher recommended Title 1 for her. Little did we expect her to remain in Title 1 the entire year. If you know Kate, she is quick witted, hilarious and understands on a deeper level. When she was in 3rd grade, there was no recommendations for extra reading help for Kate. Come 4th grade it was getting more and more prevalent Kate couldn’t read. Not only did Kate not understand what she was reading, she also struggled with basic math facts. We hired tutors, downloaded anything that might help her to comprehend, nothing was working.

Then school closed and we saw first hand what her teacher saw. I started googling some of the ‘symptoms’ I noticed in her: if she had to read a story to herself, she couldn’t comprehend it (she would often say, ‘I just don’t see the movie playing in my head’); however if a story was read to her, she could comprehend on a higher level, she struggled with decoding and encoding words, she’d often omit simple words such as ‘and’ or ‘the’ or replace those words with different words, and basic math facts were a struggle. Basically she was memorizing every word she came across and when trying to read to herself, there was no room left in her brain to comprehend since she was trying to recall every memorized word instead of decoding it.

I came across a company called LearningRx. They had a ton of videos on past clients that had similar, if not exact, symptoms Kate had. I called their center in Eden Prairie to get some additional information and within a day of reviewing their info I asked to have Kate assessed. They tested her in 7 different areas: Long-term memory, working memory, visual processing, Logic & Reasoning, Processing Speed, Auditory Processing and Word attack. Kate scored really low in Auditory Processing and Working Memory which made sense with her symptoms. We decided to move forward with Learning RX, enrolling Kate into their ThinkRx/ReadRx program. We choose to do the 6 month partner program meaning she met with her wonderful trainer, Gina, twice a week and then I did activities that Gina assigned for me to do with Kate at home twice a week. Within 2 weeks Kate could name all 45 president’s forward and backward!

When Kate started school last fall as a 5th grader she was about half way through her training at LearningRx. Her teacher tested her for her reading level in October, as she did all of the students, and Kate had already went up 2 1/2 grade levels; and that’s with school closing and summer slump! When Kate finished with LearningRx in November, I asked if her teacher could test her again – she went up yet another grade level! They tested the students again just recently and she went up another level! Kate is now reading at grade level and has no problems with math!! Not only have we seen improvements in her academically, but also in day to day activities. She listens better, she no longer seems overwhelmed, even down to cleaning her room and her quick witted responses come at you even faster! One thing I did learn throughout this process, is your brain can be re-wired and we couldn’t be happier that this program has worked so well for Kate!

Lisa G.

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