College student reports, “I’ve improved and my parents tell me they’ve seen definite improvements”

LearningRx Worked!

Before LearningRx I absolutely thought it wouldn’t work. I also kept thinking I was going into the program for more than just being able to both study and take classes once and also pass interviews the first time. Granted I also didn’t feel like I had any time with 3 classes to add something else, but my trainer worked with me about the homework she could control and even created a schedule for me. (I’ve never been good at a debate, but I easily understand both sides of wanting to take this program and not so much. Still I researched a lot before I took the program, and it has always puzzled me the statements that this program can help you get better and stay with you for a lifetime, but at the same time, everyone could always use improvement. I’ve found both statements in my research, but never together.) The results from afterwards tell me I’ve improved and my parents tell me they’ve seen definite improvements. (In my research before the program I’ve seen reviews on other websites about it, but none of them were good reviews, which made me a bit leary of joining. I can testify though that the Indianapolis campus is good.) Nevertheless, college classes can be difficult to get through and the owner of the Indianapolis campus has been willing to be my tutor when I’m struggling a little

-Brittany H.

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