Candice’s LearningRx Story

Our story actually began the summer of 2008. Our daughter Candice was hospitalized for ten weeks suffering from encephalitis. She was in a coma for five weeks. Candice had to learn to walk, eat, and talk again. We knew we had a tough and long road ahead of us. Once we got her back in school she was in kindergarten and had to be placed in special Ed. Every parent has hope for their child to grow up and learn without struggling. We started looking into options that could help Candice do better in school and also to help raise her self-esteem.

LearningRx was brought to our attention. We decided to take her to be tested and to weight our options. Her test scores were very low which in turn broke our heart, but we weren’t giving up. Last November Candice started the Einstein program. Due to the illness Candice had she was considered to be a traumatic brain injured child. Rachael was her trainer and a very good one at that. It took a lot of patience and time for Candice to catch on, but she started doing better. Her reading and her spelling have improved so much. Math has gotten a lot easier for Candice, also. Candice’s attitude has gotten better along with her behavior. She laughs and smiles more and seems happier. Homework has also become easier for her. I thank God and all the people at LearningRx for working with Candice and never giving up on her. We are still in special Ed at school, but we believe one day she will be able to join the regular classroom setting. The improvement I have seen in Candice, I know will continue. And most of all we want to thank God for the miracle.

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