As her classes converted to online learning, we saw her become an independent learner. Murphy TX LearningRx Review

My daughter, who was diagnosed with ADHD/Generalized Anxiety Disorder/Memory Retention in the 4th grade, just finished a year-long program. It was nothing short of life changing! She went in a child who hated school, didn’t want to study, and didn’t care about grades or succeeding. Understand that LearningRx is NOT tutoring. It is cognitive training. She has become confident, happy, feeling successful and talking about where she will go to college! She’s gone from a C-D student to a high B-A student. It has been nothing short of remarkable. Her trainer, Zamiris, has always been encouraging while gently pushing her to do her best, seen her through all her challenges and become a wonderful mentor. During this process, Kate has discovered her strengths and that she is as smart as we have always told her. Through the on-site testing, we found she does not have memory retention (where information learned in the classroom cannot be retained). We learned that the information was “filed” in her “brain file cabinet”. Through the Learning Rx program, she has unlocked the ability to pull those files when she needs them. In the past, she would study for a test and then not pass it. This was so defeating to her self-esteem and frustrating. Her attitude was “why try”? Not only does she have the tools to make good grades, but more importantly, she knows that she can do anything she sets her mind to. She improved dramatically at final testing in every targeted area. She completed the program in February 2020 just as schools closed due to COVID-19. As her classes converted to online learning, we saw her become an independent learner. What a great time to see how she handled scheduling and completing her work, along with keeping motivated week-after-week. We know that this would never have been the case without her LearningRx experience. It was a great way to observe how she will work through her college career and beyond. We cannot say enough good things about LearningRx and their unique, caring, student-focused program. We highly recommend it!

Lauren M.

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