“All of this growth was due to the LearningRx program”

Brain Training Improvements

We saw improvement both academically and personally for our daughter. Her grades improved, along with her comprehension, confidence, and focus. We saw these improvements early in her sessions, with steady increases throughout the year. We had tried tutoring for several years and always felt like we were playing catch up, no matter how much time she put in. With LearningRx, she was able to address and work on the underlying issues, with incredible results across subjects and in personal areas like sports. She went from a struggling B/C student to A/B Honor Roll. Her comprehension has greatly improved, and she now does homework independently and with confidence. She used to hate school and now says she loves math and science! All of this growth was due to the LearningRx program, an incredible instructor (Ms. Liz), and the increased confidence and determination she got from the success she experienced from the program along the way. This program was a game-changer for her and our family!

-Colleen D.

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