After starting with LearningRx he has improved tremendously. Columbus-Dublin, OH Review

We had a professional suggest LearningRx to us for our son that we have been home schooling for quite a few years since he was having so many problems in public school without the help that he was needing, he has had anxiety along with fine motor skills problems. After starting with LearningRx he has improved tremendously. We can’t say enough about the loving care and work that they have put in for our child and for everyone else that walks through their doors. He has made leaps and bounds since day one and for the first time this year that we have been able to read his writing. He has always needed to have a scribe for any of this work that needed to be put down on paper. He has used the Twist and Write writing device when trying to write down on paper by himself and we still were barely able to read what was on the paper and that was because we knew what was to be written. He can hardly wait to go each week to LearningRx (Class) and when we are listening to him and his teacher in the other room we hear them laughing and having such a good time. All the teachers and staff absolutely care about your child’s well-being and growth in learning and education.

Mr. Trooper

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