A miracle in the making! LearningRx Shoreview, MN Review

Learningrx Shoreview Mn.Has been a Miracle in the making for my 15 year old daughter that suffers from Autism developmental delays and failure to thrive cognitively. I have done everything for fifteen years but it was a losing battle! My daughter only attended special charters to engage her some how! I heard about learningrx on the radio and it got my ear! I have been taking my daughter now 7 Months to her wonderful trainer Kevin Savela a professional with great patience and drive to see her succeed! Kevin’s delivery of lessons and cognitive training make her the best she can be! I have seen her cognitively have memory recall of things she never did and have her confidence in reading out loud at home and school! I even took the plunge this fall to enroll her in a regular high school special education program! That would of never happened without Kevin training and tools! I believe i made the best investment in my daughters development and future! I will continue as she grows in this amazing program that works! Thank You! LearningRx for all your amazing work!

Ana T.

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