3rd Time’s a Charm

We started the LRX program at the Bossier City location, but we changed Sam’s school and moved to the other location. He was not doing well in class, homework, or behavior. We knew we needed help because his reading was below his grade level. His new trainer was Amber. Our sessions and time with her was what I would call stagnant. There was very little communication about how to help him with his LRX assignments or his progress during their sessions. Knowing Amber was pregnant and would not be his trainer much longer, I prayed for a new start with a great Trainer. Sarah was the answer to that prayer. 3rd time’s definitely a charm! Sarah made great progress with Sam and got him to want to pass levels. We finally started to see improvements in class, homework, behavior, and staying on task. Every session he was passing 10 or more levels. Thank you Sarah.

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