“I feel that this program will help her in life’s ups and downs”

Paige was an A/B student, but seemed to struggle some with obtaining these grades. She also had, notice I say had, some slight OCD issues, which caused her to struggle as well. She is a good child and doesn’t give me a lot of problems, but with her hitting middle school she seemed to have no patience. This program has helped with all of the above. I found out Studley was offering a special on assessments, so I decided to have her evaluated. If truth be told, I really didn’t think that this program would help Paige because she is a really good kid and I chalked it up to her becoming a teenager.

After the first evaluation, I learned that she was struggling in some areas that I wasn’t aware of and decided that as much money as we spend on softball and other things, the price really wasn’t all that bad if it would help her succeed and get through life better. It was the least we could do for her as her parents. I am glad we did because she has more confidence, her attitude is better and her OCD has gone away. She even says that she feels different and feels better about herself. So, not only does her father and I see improvement, but she does as well and she feels great about it and seems to be a happier child. As you can see from her evaluations, her scores really did increase significantly. I feel that this program will help her in life’s ups and downs and am happy to recommend it to any parent who wants to better their child.

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