“Three of my four kids have trained at LearningRx with results my husband and I are both very pleased with.”

Three of my four kids have trained at LearningRx with results my husband and I are both very pleased with.

What brought us to LearningRx?

My oldest was diagnosed with ADHD after moving from our hometown to a larger city.  We were homeschooling and he began to struggle with even the slightest of school tasks.  We saw our pediatrician, a psychologist, a counselor, all with little to no help.

I was very against medicine, hoping I could treat his hyperactivity with diet and vitamins.  After months of visiting the psychologist and a very expensive test that yielded a diagnosis but no help in treating my son besides: “Put him on medicine and stick him in school.” I was about to give up.

It was then that a friend called me and told me her son was training at LearningRx and she was seeing a vast improvement in his ability to focus, stay on task and complete his schoolwork.

I called the same day to set up an evaluation for my son, as well as my daughter.  As a first and second grader, I was beginning to see some of the same signs my son exhibited at an early age.  She was not yet reading and struggling with phonics and sounds.

I documented a lot of our journey on my blog:  http://www.raisingthreeknightsandaprincess.com

Feel free to stop by and click the LearningRx tab to read about our journey.

My son spent 24 weeks training at the center and my daughter spent 36 weeks training.  I also enrolled my third-born son because we were driving there each day and I thought he might as well train too!

He trained for 12 weeks.  Although he showed no signs of struggling with his school work his training helped him break through walls of perfectionism.  Instead of being frustrated with always trying to get answers right he learned how to trust his instinct and answer trusting he knew the answer.

His results were amazing.  His evaluation was spot on for his age but after 12 weeks of training he had improved almost 5 years or more in core skills as short visual processing and auditory processing.

My son with ADHD improved as well.  He was becoming more proactive at home, getting his work done on time, staying on task and was showing a new found confidence in himself.  Our first milestone was the day he finished his Math in 20 minutes instead of his normal 2 hours.

In a few short months my daughter was finally reading. She wrote her first book about horses in our first month at LearningRx.  She is now in the third grade, reads at grade level and has a goal of straight As for this year.  In her first nine weeks she achieved that goal.

I truly believe in the work my kids did at LearningRx.  The center director showed a great interest in my children and their well being.  The trainers were and still are some of my children’s favorite people.

If you are a parent looking for answers I encourage you to try LearningRx.  I truly believe there is not another program like it.

My oldest son still struggles through his ADHD but he is so much better than he once was.  He has learned to embrace it and work with it.  We are all moving in the right direction, closing the gap and looking forward to working with LearningRx again should we ever need it.

I am thankful we found such an amazing program.  And I am very proud of my children.


Julie Worthy

Jacksonville, Florida

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