The staff at the Red Bank location are phenomenial!….I am so glad I went there

LearningRx is a positive experience for all!

What an amazing place! I cannot begin to say how happy and relieved I was to find their services. We are a homeschooling family. I noticed for a while my youngest son was having trouble with his school work.

He just turned 8 in June and there were certain things which didn’t “self correct” as I was told by his teachers for the 1.5 years he did go to school in our district.

I was watching him get frustrated in his own way and struggle with things like spelling, reading comprehension, math, hand writing and just being focused on the task at hand. No concept of phonics, or place value, etc. Information was disjointed. I started to suspect dyslexia and I needed to know more and see what we could do to help him love learning.

The staff at the Red Bank location are phenomenal! They took their time to explain to me the process and get him tested. He is currently enrolled in their program. I am so glad went there.

Imagine my surprise when he tested below average for long term and short term memory. No wonder from one day to the next it seemed like he was not learning what we went over, he honest to goodness could not remember it! So of course more complex reading and math and spelling trip him up. Makes total sense now. Had I taken him anywhere else I am sure they would have jumped to ADD or ADHD diagnosis, which is not the case.

They have been very informative and I have been learning a lot myself. My son enjoys his sessions and even enjoys doing his Learning RX work at home as well.

Thank you so much!
You guys are beyond amazing!

-Shellini S

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