Thank you to the entire staff! LearningRx Milwaukee-Brookfield, WI Review

After seeing my daughter struggle with reading and writing for many years I decided to take her to RX Learning. Kevin was absolutely amazing in walking us through the review process and doing a practice brain training session. We received the results from my daughters test and it showed signs of dyslexia! This is such a frightening thing for a parent to find out. Kevin was able to help me with getting my daughters school involved and wrote an amazing letter to them in order to expedite the testing process. I would recommend RX learning to every parent in order to find out the best way your child learns. After doing much research on dyslexia I have realized I obtain many of the characteristics myself. I struggled throughout school and eventually became a delinquent child to avoid being embarrassed in class. If something like RX learning was around when I was a child, I feel my life could be very different. As a parent your main goal is to provide a better life for your child then you had for yourself. RX learning is going to help me achieve that parenting goal. Thank you To the entire RX learning staff!

Betsy H.

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