“She has been able to follow directions easier and does not dread doing homework”

LearningRx improves reading and math skills!

Overall our experience w/ LearningRx was great. Our daughter has come a long way in the last six months. Through the Read program she has gone from a very slow, choppy reader who would guess at any word she did not recognize to a more fluent reader who is trying to sound out very difficult words. She does not always dread reading anymore and chooses more challenging books.

Out daughter also struggles to memorize math facts. Some of the math lessons were extremely difficult for her to pass. However, after discussions with her trainer about trying something else they were able to come up with alternate lessons. Our daughter began to pass and enjoy doing the math lessons.

We cannot express enough gratitude for our trainer Ms. Kelly. She was amazing to work with. She made fluency lesson fun for Payten and new exactly how to keep her on track and motivated to continue. There were days she went in not wanting to go but by the end of the lesson she was in a good mood.

Doing the parent/tutor plan was a bit of a struggle and wished that we could have done the full 3 days plan. In the end we do feel Payten has improved greatly with her overall reading, math and attention to detail. She has been able to follow directions easier and does not dread doing homework

-Shanna S.

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