My Husband and I May Have to Be Next, Just to Keep up with Our Boys

Our LearningRx story actually started about two years ago. We were having trouble with our oldest son and school work. So, when we heard about the LearningRx program, we thought it would be the perfect fit for us. An amazing change took place over the course of five months and life was better all around for our family.

Almost two years later, we started to see the same issues with our youngest son. Immediately, we set up a time to do the testing for him to see if ThinkRx would work for him as well. That started our second journey through the program. Most of the training this time around has taken place over the summer. We haven’t seen the dramatic effects of the program yet since we have just now started back into school. However, the review for math has been a breeze so far. We look forward to seeing the many changes that will come as we get further along into the school year. This is such an amazing program. My husband and I may have to be next, just to keep up with our boys.

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