“My daughter has learned so many skills that help her to learn.”

LearningRx improves social confidence!

I came to LearningRx with very few options. My daughter was behind and struggling. She was aware socially what her peers thought of her, and hated school. She’s always been an incredibly bright child, who loves to learn, but she was getting so discouraged I had no idea what to do. We had had her tested at school (she wasn’t far enough behind), while we had a medical diagnosis (not add/adhd) her teachers weren’t seeing it affecting her, and my child had literally learned how to hide in a classroom. We’d hired tutors, programs and nothing seemed to help. As soon as she was tested, we began understanding how her brain worked, how it was computing information and what “Brain Training” could do for her. I’d say within 2 weeks we could already see attitude changes and her enthusiasm return. We drove 30-45 minutes one-way to attend 4 times a week and while the driving and completing homework in the car got old, she never didn’t want to not go.
While her test results at the end of the program showed so much improvement that’s not what stood out the most to me. My daughter has learned so many skills that help her to learn. She loves school, is enthusiastic to learn and doesn’t fear making a mistake because she knows she will get there and we all work hard to help. She is confident enough to ask questions and if you ask her she will genuinely tell you she is “smart”. We will miss not seeing Dana and Betty several times a week but I’m so thankful for the time we spent with them

-Scharlee P

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