LearningRx For High School

I came to Learning Rx for help at the end of my sophomore year of high school because I bombed my Algebra final. Math is not my thing; algebra is especially hard for me. Even though I always do my homework and studied for the final; I got confused and made mistakes.
My mom heard about LearningRx on a Channel 4 television show and thought it might help me.  I wasn’t convinced it would be any different than most of the other educational things I have done. My mom said the LearningRx program gives you the skills to learn and remember new information more effectively. I started LearningRx in the summer of 2010 and tried to continue during my junior year. That didn’t work out. My junior year was more difficult than previous years. I didn’t have enough time to get all my homework done, study and go to LearningRx.

Early in 2011, my mom and I decided I would finish LearningRx in the summer. The beginning of June I went 2 hours a day from Monday through Thursday. I completed the last 57 hours of training at LearningRx August 3, 2011. I have been surprised by the things I have been able to accomplish at LearningRx. I‘m hoping these new skills will pay off in my senior year of high school. I would like to thank my trainers for their time and effort to help me improve my cognitive skills.

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