Learning RX and My Son’s Reading Struggles

I noticed Ben was struggling in reading when he was in first grade.  By Christmas he was still having a difficult time with sight words and everyone else in the class was already reading sentences.  I went to his teacher and voiced my concerns, and she told me not to worry about it.  It was normal for kids this age to be struggling, to wait until second grade and it should get better.  So I did wait, worrying the whole time that something needed to be done.  In second grade, they placed Ben in Tier 3.  I would meet with the teacher once a month and she would tell me that Cole was struggling in Tier 3 and he should have been in Tier 3 in First grade.

By Christmas, we knew that he wasn’t catching up, so I started Hooked on Phonics.  He would cry every night because it was so hard for him to put the sounds together.  It would take him hours just to read a short story for homework.  Reading wasn’t the only subject he was struggling in.  Because his reading wasn’t up to par, he was struggling in all subjects when he had to read the directions to know what to do.  Hooked on Phonics got us nowhere except frustrated at each other, because I wanted him to try again and he was shut down.

By March, the teacher and I had already discussed the possibility of holding him back because he simply wasn’t ready for 3rd grade.  I was in the office at school talking to the principal and she gave me a LearningRx brochure that she had been given.  She told me she didn’t know anything about the program, but it was something to think about.  I called before school was out to set up a time for him to be tested.

The testing showed what I had thought.  That he had a hard time putting sounds together, but it also showed me that he was having a hard time with his short term and long term memory.  What?  How do you correct this?  At this time, I will have to be honest, I was skeptical that the program could help my son.  So the Monday following school getting out, we started Learning RX.

The first couple of months, I really didn’t see that much of a change.  It was about half way through the program and when school started back, that I noticed the affect the program had on Ben.  In class, he was no longer easily distracted.  He would sit down and start his work and be the first one done.  When it came time for homework, we were done within 15-30 minutes.  But the big difference came when he read.  He was no longer afraid to tackle words he didn’t know.  He would try them until he got it right and wouldn’t cry that it was too hard.  Now he reads books all the time, not just for homework!  LearningRx changed our lives.  It gave Ben the confidence to be able to do his homework on his own.  He doesn’t even need my help anymore!

Thanks Learning RX for everything you did!  Words cannot express how thankful I am I enrolled him in the program!

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