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From A Brain Trainer

My name is Maria and I am a Brain Trainer at LearningRx in Flower Mound. I absolutely love what we do here at LearningRx! I started working here about 7 months now and I have seen so many differences in my students already! It’s incredible to know that there is a center that can help improve student’s behavior towards school, their confidence, their motivation and lots of other things. Here at LearningRx we strengthen the 7 key pieces that make up how smart you are and we do this by one-on-one personalized training! I have seen improvements in my students where their grades have increased since they have started their program, where they are comprehending what they are reading more, feel like they don’t have to study as long for an exam as they use to, are less forgetful, can pay attention to a teacher or mom for a longer amount of time than before, and there are many more improvements that both the student and I have both seen throughout the program! I encourage you to contact our Flower Mound Center to better familiarize yourself with the great benefits we can bring to you or your...
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Student of the Month

We are very impressed with Learning Rx. Our son has grown in so many ways. His grades have gone from Cs and Ds to As and Bs. This month he became student of the month in three subjects, He is a totally different kid with improved confidence and memory skills. Thank you Learning Rx. -K.K.
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Thank You!

We would like to thank you for all your hard work with our son. He wouldn’t have gotten this far without all of you at LearningRx in Chester. You have an amazing program. He improved school performance, increased attention span, faster response, improved in problem solving. He is much more focused, comprehension skills and communications behavior have all improved. A special thanks to his trainer, Doug. It is your hard work, dedication and effort. You understand my son so well. You are exceptional at what you do and I believe my son’s success could not be this great without you! I hope you realize how much of an impact you had on is life....
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Learningrx Has Been a Gift to Our Family

LearningRx – Flower Mound has been a true gift to our family! The support and encouragement from the trainers has increased our kids confidence. LearningRx has made a huge difference for our kids!   – J.E.
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We Turned Homework Assignments into Family Game Nights

Our experience with LearningRx has improved our daughter’s confidence and provided us tools to continue brain training at home. We turned homework assignments into family game nights and celebrated when a task that had been attempted many times was finally mastered. We were able to identify specific areas of difficulty for my daughter, and we could see how the visualization techniques helped her learn and remember information. I know she will continue to use these techniques in school and Brainy Cards will be a part of family game nights for a while.
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