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“We are very satisfied with the program”

LearningRx Increase in Cognitive Skills We loved working with Amber at LearningRx. She is was the perfect fit for our son. Our son came into the program with very low reading skills and has increased them by 2 years in just 12 weeks. We are very satisfied with the program and highly recommend.
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“We were so pleased with the amazing results!!”

LearningRx Brain Training Results We were so pleased with the amazing results!! My daughter made improvements that we observed even before the final testing, but seeing her great improvements on paper solidified our belief in the program.
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“I am happy to be a part of the LearningRx family and set to changing lives”

LearningRx Franchise Training LearningRx Franchise Training was detail, fun and in all a great experience to set any franchisee up for a great success. The corporate office staff and trainers provided every piece of information needed to deliver the life changing LearningRx programs in our communities. We were provided with useful information on delivering an effective LearningRx program training, all materials, on going support from corporate office and multiple channels of quality control for an outstanding client’s experience. Every member of the Franchise training team is awesome! Dr. Gibson, Kim Hanson, Tanya Mitchell, Katie Kemp, Dean Tenpas, Melody Norris, Susan, Stacie, Natalie, Amanda, Karen, Dabney and other wonderful staff members are warmly and inspiring. I am happy to be a part of the LearningRx family and set to changing lives in my community through LearningRx Brain Training programs. If there is no LearningRx Center in your community, as a parent of a LearningRx client (my son) who has benefitted from LearningRx Brain Training life changing values, I encourage you to become the life changer in your...
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“We even commented to him about how he stands taller even!”

LearningRx Brain Training Student Success! A year ago I was spending up to 5 hours each night doing homework with Zachary. We were struggling to find a solution to help him memorizing, focus and have confidence in himself. A friend of mine told us they were going to start LearningRx for their son. I took mental note. In May, we sat through Jtt parent orientation as Zach was going into 7th grade. We were very concerned about the workload and how he might succeed. We considered having him repeat 6th grade at another school but was advised not to. So I decided to look more at LearningRx and then filled out the online questionnaire leading to Zach’s assessment. There were many areas to focus on, but Kellie engaged Zach so well that he made enough progress through the summer that I saw an immediate change when school started. He went from barely achieving C’s to having A’s and B’s. His confidence was notably increased. He remembered more, focused easier, stayed on task, and made great strides. He was able to finish up his program right before wrestling season started. He had a few rough moments managing school, wrestling, and piano, but overall he did well in school and wrestling. We even commented to him about how he stands taller even!Thank you Kellie for helping Zachary learn differently so he could achieve at all he does! –...
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“There has been a great improvement in my daughter”

LearningRx Brain Training Improvements There has been a great improvement in my daughter’s ability to learn and her confidence level. She reading better than I ever hoped she would.
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