This Is a Great Program

At the end of my daughter’s 4th grade year we were told that they wanted to hold her back to repeat 4th grade.  After talking it over and talking to other professionals we decided not to hold her back.  When discussing the issue with other professionals, LearningRx was mentioned.  We had been having our daughter tutored over other past summers and did not think this was working that well.  After researching LearningRx we started the program in June.  My daughter started 5th grade in August.  We were amazed!  There were no strikes for not turning in work and no strikes for not paying attention.  She had never been a discipline problem, just difficulty focusing and turning in work.  None of these problems have shown up this year and she made Honor Roll the first 9 weeks.  LearningRx has worked for my daughter.  Is she perfect in school yet?  No, but she is 1000% better!  She gets work done in class now.   She turns in her completed work and for the first time she seems to be enjoying school.  This is a great...
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It’s Worth Every Penny

When we came to LearningRx, my son was behind in reading. He read at 1st grade level and was in the 4th grade. No one at school seemed to help so a friend at church told me that she was taking her son to LearningRx and how great it was.  We had an assessment done and he started ReadRx. We were both scared but on the first day my son loved it and in a few weeks he had a confidence that I had never seen. Anytime I had a question about homework, the trainer would always answer it and explained how to do the procedures. She made sure we did the procedures with her and we understood before we left. As a parent, going to LearningRx was the best thing that I could have done for my child. He is in the 5th grade now and I am seeing on a daily basis the rewards of the program. Thank you to all for helping him and we are going to keep practicing some of the skills as he grows up and moves on to middle and high school. For the parent who thinks that the program is expensive, just think of your child’s education and it’s worth every penny of it. Today is my son’s last day and he is very sad. He will miss everyone here at LearningRx and so will...
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We Are Very Glad That We Found Learning Rx to Help Our Son

Our son has struggled in school since Kindergarten.  We tried every program that was suggested to us to help him “catch up.”  Some helped a little, some not at all.  He was really tired of the continuous tutoring, software programs, summer school, and homework that he would never finish in class as other students did.  We even tried medication but that didn’t help either.  Then, he was screened and met the criteria for an auditory processing disorder.  We started looking for something to help with his cognitive deficits in memory and processing.  My sister, who is a psychologist in Florida, told us about the Learning Rx program.  She helps patients who have suffered from traumatic brain injury.  When we found the Learning Rx program in Murfreesboro we were so excited.  After we realized the costs associated with the program, we were unsure that it was the right decision to make for our family.  But as parents, you will do whatever it takes to give your child what he needs to succeed. The program is very structured and well-planned.  It is a fun environment with encouraging trainers who place an emphasis on the positive.  His trainer, was so patient with him and did a great job of gaining his confidence.  It was hard for our son to give his trainer an improvement each week, but then it started to get easier for him to think about his accomplishments and was able to relay them back to her. Our son has a much better attention span and seems more focused.  His confidence has greatly improved as well.  He is doing homework and studying on his own for the first time ever.  His grades remain in the A/B range even though he is on consultation status with his IEP.  We are very glad that we found Learning Rx to help our...
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